At Redwood Farms Meat Processors we take animal care very seriously. Great measures are taken to ensure each pig is safe, comfortable and healthy. As the leader in custom hog processing, we feel it is our honor, duty and obligation to set the standard in humane treatment. From the moment they step off the truck they are treated to a clean, temperature-controlled environment. Our handlers are rigorously trained to guide the pigs without causing stress or fatigue and we’ve gone above and beyond to ensure the fastest and most humane ways to dispatch so that by the time the pork reaches you, it is safe, clean and ready for your business.


Our brand new facility features all new, state of the art equipment for improved process and procedures. Our employees are truly part of our family so their safety is our primary concern. Our automated cut floor sorts, cuts, separates and guides the pork through the process to ensure quality and cleanliness while our vacuum seal machine seals and locks out air, for extra freshness.


We’re about as passionate as you’ll ever see Midwesterners get. Located in the heart of “Pork Paradise” also known as Iowa, we care about our community and strive to keep our little patch of paradise just that, paradise! From volunteering to sponsoring local events our company and our employees are active in nearly every event in the Estherville area.